Lower Portfolio Volatility & Gain Stable Income

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Why Investors choose a DST ?

Stable Current Income 90%
No correlation with the "Stock Market" 87%
Inflation Hedge - Potential for Capital Appreciation 82%
No Management Responsibilities 73%
Easy to Diversify Portfolio 77%

Welcome to your DST Investor Survey

Stable Current Income
No correlation with the "Stock Market"
Inflation Hedge - Potential for Capital Appreciation
No Management Responsibilities
Easy to Diversify Portfolio
  Source: 2018 DST Investments Survey:  Survey responses are sourced from  www.dst.investments website visitors, which consist of mostly accredited investors, but may include 1031 accommodators, financial advisors and other unknown parties.  Participation in this survey is not solicited, any site visitor may submit a response. Personal information on those submitting response is unknown and responses are submitted anonymously.  New survey responses and results will adjust the overall survey results, results are adjusted monthly.  The survey is not intended to be a solicitation of securities, nor a recommendation of any particular investment.  For more information, please contact us