To open a new Account, we need information about you, as an investor.

  • First, only Accredited Investors may invest in any DST investment, for a definition of what an Accredited investor is, click here.
  • To proceed, there are four forms we need completed, all which must be emailed back to  Alternatively, you may forward these forms to your financial advisor for review and processing.  
    1. Client Risk Profile Questionnaire – We need to understand your Risk profile to make suitable recommendations.  (Print off, complete, sign and email) 
    2. DST New Account Form – We are required to “know our client” and must collect this information to do our job.  It will be kept confidential and will not be shared. (Print off, complete, sign and email) 
    3. DST Partnership REIT Disclosure – Investors need to be aware of lack of liquidity. (Print off, complete, sign and email) 
    4. IRS Form W-9  Required for IRS annual reporting on distributions.  (Print off, complete, sign and email) 
    5. Accredited Verification Form We are required by financial regulators to verify by a third party, that those that participated are considered Accredited Investors by definition. You can forward this form to your CPA, Attorney, Bank Representative or other financial advisor to complete, then instruct them to email this to 

Once you have emailed these five forms back, we can go forward with the New Account process. 

If you need assistance, you may chat with us online or may contact us through this website, or by sending an email to or phone us directly at (800) 378-0515.

Regulation D 506(c) Mandated Legend

These securities are being offered under an exemption provided by SEC Regulation D Rule 506(c).  Only accredited investors who meet the SEC Regulation D 501 “accredited investor” accreditation standards and who provide suitable verification of accredited status may invest into those Offerings.

Please carefully consider each DST offering’s investment objectives, risks, and associated costs or expenses before investing. Real estate investments are not guaranteed or insured. Please ask questions and ask for more information before you consider any investment. Past performance, if any, does not guarantee future results; In the event you subscribe after operations have commenced, the then current performance may be different than the pro forma or performance data presented; The Company is not required by law to follow any standard methodology when calculating and representing performance data; The performance of the Company may not be directly comparable to the performance of other private or registered funds or companies; The securities are being offered in reliance on an exemption from registration requirements, and therefore the Company is not required to comply with certain specific disclosure requirements; The Securities and Exchange Commission has not passed upon the merits of or approved the securities, the terms of the offering, or the accuracy of the materials.