Adding real estate to a portfolio has demonstrated a track record of delivering reliable and growing dividends, combined with long-term capital appreciation, has historically provided investors with total returns that are competitive with those of other stocks and higher than most fixed-income investments, but with lower volatility or correlation.


Real Estate provides Investment Performance that is competitive with Stock Market Indices, but with higher long term Returns. Unlike Corporate Bonds or other fixed income products, real estate can provide both Income & Capital Appreciation potential.

DST Investments can provide:

  • Passive Income:  Invest in real estate without the management headaches.
  • Increase Wealth:  Increase equity with well-positioned real estate property investments and real estate appreciation.
  • Portfolio Diversification:  Efficient frontier investment portfolios include real estate for improved returns and decreased risk.
  • Capital Protection:  Real estate provides a hedge against inflation and offers hard asset security not available in stocks and bonds.